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Discover ways to make money online selling information — even if you don’t have your own product!

 If you’re looking for ways to make money online selling information — but don’t have the time or money to develop your own product — consider buying the reprint or resale rights to someone else’s.

Basically, you purchase the right to sell

an already established product. And depending on the type of rights you purchase, you keep either a percentage of the sales or all of the proceeds.

In the best-case scenario, you can even purchase a master license — which gives you the right to sell the purchasing rights to other people!

Selling information to make money online

is extremely easy when you buy the rights for an already established product. Not only do you capitalize on the good name of the author, but you don’t have to spend any time developing your own product!

Resell rights.

When you purchase resell rights, what you’re actually purchasing is the right to sell a product for someone else — a product that they continue to own.
Because you don’t actually have control over the product, you keep only a percentage of each sale as your commission.

Reprint rights.

Reprint rights cost more than resell rights, because you keep 100% of the proceeds from any sales! You can also make as many copies of the product as you wish, and sell as many as you can.

The majority of products that carry rights

on the Internet right now are information-based products. So it’s the perfect time to make money online with information by buying reprint rights.

The more good stuff you’ve got out there, the more likely people are to visit your website on a regular basis!

Find a hungry market, and sell them products they’re likely to buy.

Master rights

Master rights are the most valuable of the three, and therefore are the most expensive.
As with reprint rights, you have permission to reproduce and sell the product for 100% of the profit. But you’re ALSO allowed to sell the actual reprint rights to the product to other people!
So even though they cost more, you automatically start out with two separate streams of income ? sales of the product and sales of the rights


are the most popular, so you can usually find eBooks that are suitable to resell to your market — no matter who your audience is.

Email courses.

An email course is often delivered in smaller pieces over a course of days or weeks — and as the name suggests, you email it to the customer, rather than sending them to a website where they download it

E-zine articles.

You can frequently buy individual articles to use as content for your own e-zine. This is a good choice if you want to deliver an e-zine to your audience, but don’t have the time (or desire) to write it yourself. As you can see, selling information to make money online is quick and easy when you purchase the rights to sell an established product.  

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