Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q. Does the membership site software automatically e-mail the username/password to the member after signup is completed?

A. Yes. Also, members create their username/password when they create their account, so if their login email didn't arrive due to spam filtering, they will still be able to login. They also have a Forgotten Password page which they can use to retrieve their details at any time.

Q. Do you offer an affiliate program?

A. Yes. Our affiliate program is available via Membership !

Q. What payment processors do you support?

A. We support only PayPal.
These payment processors support most Debit/Credit Cards and do not require a merchant account.They have been used by our customers to run sites that generate thousands of dollars worth of sales each month.

Q. Does IT Academy offer multiple levels (eg. Silver / Gold / Platinum / Lifetime )?

A. Yes. Please see the membership page for more details

Q. Are members able to change their profile information, such as phone number, address, email and password?

A. Yes they can. When they log in there is an option for them to change all these details.

Q. Does the IT Academy membership have a forgotten password feature?

A. Yes.